May, the month of surprises

Wow. May is going well as of now. First of all my YouTube got promoted to an Official Artist Channel, a new single will come out, switched to another network to enable Spotify Pre-Saves.

So… keeping you lads up-to-date with the latest news here goes:

  • I switched over networks to enable the Spotify pre-save option. Distrokid is the way to go. You can use my link to sign up for Distrokid. My referral link will give you 7% off a plan of your choice. This grants you a minimum discount of $1.40
  • My YouTube Channel got promoted to an Official Artist Channel. This option will grant me more options to push out some new music (and gives me a beautiful musical note badge to show off).
  • Last but not least. A new track is on its way. I officially announce with this post that on May 30 my new track “Afterlife” will come out to all stores. You can pre-save / pre-order the track by clicking here!

Or listen to it on SoundCloud

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